Bio crush machine to deal with plastic waste


Following on the principle of charity begins at  home, State government has installed bio-crush reverse vending machine at secretariat. It will crush plastic waste. This was inaugurated by the Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat on Wednesday.

CM has inaugurated a bio-crush vending machine for destroying plastic bottles at the Secretariat. The automatic machine would help destroy and later recycle plastic bottles used on the premises of the Secretariat.  The CM said the vending machine would help keep the Secretariat clean.

In his address, CM Rawat said that in secretariat people keep visiting and a large number of employees are working too. With this machine people habit would change and ultimately it will improve sanitation of the city and state too. we would able to recycle the plastic bottle. It has been noticed that people after consuming their drink they dump it into open space and it affects the ecology system. Even if you burn it then it creates pollution. with this machine we would be able to recycle plastic waste and will improve environment too.

Dr Raghav Langar, Director, Swajal, said the bottles would be crushed and converted into flex through the crusher, which would then be used again. Nearly 5,000 bottles can be crushed through the vending machine every day.

It can be used by anyone. As user would dump their plastic waste into it then machine would ask their mobile number. As user enters their mobile number then they would receive thank you message on their mobile. Even it has digital screen and would run with the help of pan drive. It would display government runs public welfare scheme too.


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