Airplane in Turkey slides off runaway nearly slips into ocean

Turmoil ensued at the Turkish airport, when an airplane with the 168 passengers got off the runway and hanged on the shore of the sea. Panicked passengers started shouting in fear and there was an atmosphere of confusion. Fortunately, the plane did not go into the sea nor there was a fire in it.Due to this the lives of the passengers of the airplane and the pilots was saved. The accident happened near the Black Sea located in Trabzon city.

Two pilots and four crew members were boarded with 162 passengers in the Boeing-737-800 aircraft. This Saturday night the plane from Ankara was about to land on the runway near Black Sea, but the plane went towards the sea. Fatima Gordu, who was one of the passengers in the plane, says the aircraft tilted forward. The passengers started falling on one side. It would seem that either the plane would explode or it would collapse in the ocean, but it stopped after sliding in the mud.

On Saturday night a video was viral, in which firefighters were showering water to control the fire in the aircraft. Fatma says that when the passengers were evacuated from the plane, the smell of fuel was coming from the aircraft. Governor Yucel Yavuz of Trabzon said that all travelers were safe. It was being investigated as to why the accident happened.


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