1500 evacuated as Seine floods in Paris

With the sudden rise in the water level of the Seine River, water has flooded in many parts in the French capital Paris. On Monday, the water level of the river reached its high level of 5.84 meters, which is four meters more than normal. The Meteorological Department says that the water level of the river may fall only after Tuesday. Filling of water in the surrounding areas can take up to a week for the river to reach its normal level.
Due to floods, 1,500 people living in coastal areas have been taken to a safer place. Bathing and sailing activities have been banned in the river. Due to floods electricity has been cut off in many areas. People are resorting to boats to come and go in the flooded streets and streets of the capital’s outskirts.
The world-renowned Museum louvre has been closed. Many artifacts from the museum have already been removed and taken to a safe place. Experts say that, unlike 2016, this time the level of river level is not equal to 6.1 meters. In 1910, the level of the river reached 8.62 meters. In the last twenty years, there has been a flood in Paris on 9 occassions.


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