Will sit on hunger strike if ISBT work stalled: Dr Indira Hridayesh

After the decision of shifting the under construction ISBT  in Gaolapar,Haldwani, Congress has issued a challenge against the state government. Leader of the Opposition and Haldwani MLA Dr. Indira Hridayesh said that if the work of ISBT is stopped then she will sit on hunger strike with supporters.

In a conversation with reporters on Friday, the leader of opposition has asked the BJP government to respond to three points. Indira cautioned that if within a month the state government could not calculate the reason for the shift of ISBT, the new landmark and the breakdown of the Rs 2.5 crore spent so far, then the agitation will be done.

I will not let my city rot

“I am not just Haldwani’s representative but I am a guardian too. I have given this city more amenities than Dehradun in terms of road, water, electricity and beautification. I will not allow Haldwani to rot in my life. ISBT is not mine, but entire Kumaun’s dream project. Haldwani has 50 percent of the people living in Kumaon. With the stoppage of work, millions of people in the Mandal will have trouble” added Dr Indira Hridayesh.


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