Villagers form human chain ring to protest against Nagar Palika expansion in Uttarkashi

In protest against the expansion of the municipality Bardahat Uttarkashi, villagers encircled the collectorate by constructing a human chain on Tuesday.

The villagers encircled the Collectorate for half an hour. During this period, no employee, officer and police personnel were allowed to go in or out. At the same time, there was a demand for repeal of the mandate of the extension of expansion by sloganeering against government. The movement of the villagers is getting fierce in protest of the expansion of the municipality Bardahat Uttarkashi. From the morning the villagers raised slogans against the administration at the site of the dharna. Apart from the 16 Gram Panchayats included in the expansion of the Municipality, the villagers of Sarada, Kuroli, Thalan, Kankaradi, Mastari, Kishanpur, Manpur, Ginda, Alath, Dhanpur, Bonga, Idalgaon, Sald, Kharawan or Kanawa etc. were present in the demonstration.

The villagers said that on Wednesday, they will protest expansion of the Municipality with black arm band. On December 29, the jail bharo movement will be carried out.


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