University should promote research based study; Gov


Governor Dr KK Paul said today universities need to improve the quality of students coming out of Universities otherwise the demographic dividend will be lost. Sustaining and reinvigorating higher education, in India as well as in other parts of the world, has become a major challenge, especially so in public institutions.

He said challenges exist for such institutions, both from outside and inside.  Escalation of costs of learning, market-oriented fast-track skill acquisition and the allure of invasive dominant communication systems were prominent among these challenges.

Speaking at the first convocation of DIT University here, Dr Paul said that Universities need to take a fresh look at their curricula as well as pedagogy. He stressed the importance of research which only can sustain a university. Otherwise, a university is “a glorified college,” he said. He said excellence and quality is a must for education.

Although we are the youngest nation in the world where around 66 per cent of the population is below 35 years of age, yet only a small proportion of engineering graduates are readily employable, based on their technical skills, English fluency, team work and presentation skills.

He said it was important to help students become good human beings who retain their values and are empathetic to their fellow beings. “Whatever discipline we may study; we should not forget the core values of our culture. You are a privileged lot of students who have had the opportunity to receive the best education here.  But, you need to realize that your generation is building a world together. For this you must find not only your purpose in life but create a world where everyone has a purpose.”

Congratulating the students, he called upon them to think not only about themselves but about the society and the country. He said a regular academia-industry interface is a must. This will also help in placements when the time is ripe. He told the students to remember that success is no accident.  It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all love for what you are doing. “Also, it would be perhaps futile to keep waiting for the opportunities to knock on your door.  Please use your imagination, ideas and build a door, at the right place, opportunities will then be at your door steps.”


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