Union Minister lands in controversy after remarks on secularism

Union minister Ananth Kumar Hegde has hinted that Constitution which contained the word “secular” would be amended.

Venting out his ire against the “seculars” at a public function in Koppal district on Sunday, Union Minister of State for Employment and Skill Development said, “Seculars do not know what their blood is. Yes constitution has given that right to say ‘we are secular and we will say it’. Yes, I know but constitution has been amended many times, we will also amend it. We have come to power for that.”

“If you say you are a Muslim, Christian etc., I feel proud that you have connection with your religion and caste, but who are these so called seculars? Seculars don’t have any parentage,” Hegde said earlier in his address.

The Minister pointed out that the Constitution has undergone changes from time to time. “The Constitution needs to be changed from time to time and we have come for that,” he said.

Referring to those criticising religious customs and traditions by referring to the ‘Manu Smriti’, he said the text had become outdated and at present, ‘Ambedkar Smriti’ was being talked about. “Progressive thinkers do not know about history, tradition and culture. Those who themselves have erred are trying to blame others for their mistakes,” he said.

His remarks have been opposed by progressive thinkers and groups in different parts of the State. Members of the Students’ Federation of India staged a protest in Koppal, condemning the comments.


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