Objectives of education changed in last few decades;Gov


Governor Dr KK Paul said that the objectives of education had changed in the last few decades. There is a huge amount of non-conscious learning happening with the learner. Hence the child does not arrive at the school with a clean state of mind. The impact of cyberspace as a powerful area of learning, the access to the internet, the fast changing dimension of knowledge, technology and skills are re-defining the objectives of education in the corridors of schools.

He was addressing at the valedictory session of the national conference organized for principals and teachers by the Principals Progressive Schools’ association (PPSA). Congratulating the organizers and those honoured, the Governor said that the theme of the conference “Global Shift in School Education” for Principals and “Engage, Evaluate, Extend, Explain, Explore” for teachers, had been aptly chosen, keeping in mind the present need to uplift the standard of education to a global level.

He said that a study carried out by the Azim Premji Foundation, analyzing the Class 10 board examination papers for 10 years, revealed that almost 80 percent of the questions focused on the ability to retrieve knowledge through memory. There is some focus on application of knowledge but practically no focus on other goals of education – such as creativity, reasoning, scientific temper, empathy, sensitivity and constitutional values.

The teacher and the education system have forgotten that subjects are mere vehicles to achieve the aims of education and not the core of education in themselves.

“We must ensure that our education turns the mirrors around the students into windows through which they can gain a proper and balanced perspective of the world. This has become even more imperative today as our youngsters are flooded with information on the internet and are sometimes unable to build a balanced view of the world. Children learn not only in classrooms but from the environment they are a part of”.

Earlier teachers used to be the major source of knowledge as well as mentors, the leaders and educators of their students’ school life. Teachers can organized after-school activities. They can often take over the role of parents. Today, the world has thrown up new challenges for students, teachers and parents. Each has a role but the mission is the same that is the growth and development of the child with a sound foundation for a well-rounded personality


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