Illicit liquor seized in Almora’s Chaukhutia

The Police Police had a great success in the intensive checking campaign launched against the illegal trade of liquor. Under the market raid police seized a stash of illicit liquor in a hotel. The two arrested accused have been sent behind bars. While another accused is absconding. The price of the liquor caught is estimated to be about 2 lakh 38 thousand.

Police team conducted raids in the market under the leadership of SO Ramesh Singh Bora on Wednesday evening. Meanwhile, 576 bottles of illicit liquor were recovered inside Queen Hotel in Chaukhutia. While searching the car number DL 9 CAAB 8523 standing outside the hotel, the cops got 300 bottles of liquor. Car driver Praveen Kumar escaped from the spot. Two accused Kamal Singh Rawaila and Balam Singh Bisht were arrested from the hotel respectively. The duo have been sent to jail after registering the crime on Thursday. According to the police, the hotel owners were not present during the raids.

The car has been sealed by the police. The absconding accused is being searched for the driver. According to the police, liquor was kept for illegal sale. The SO said that the campaign against illegal liquor will continue. Soon the liquor will be checked in the rural areas too.


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