Earthquake shaken uttarakhand at around 8.50 pm


Earthquake has shaken Uttarakhand today at around 8.50 pm. It is being said that it was around 5.1 richter scale but its epicenter was around 90 kilometer away from Rishikesh and around 30 meter beneath the earth. It was nearby Rudraprayag district, which had devastated due to deluge in the year 2013, so people are looking tense.

As it came in late evening so people were inside their home and most of them felt it. Talking to dainiknation.com correspondent Puja Sharma, a house wife, said that she was busy in cooking then suddenly she felt earth was shaking. its richter scale must be high because she felt it visibly.

initially she ignored but when she saw ceiling fan was shaking then she suddenly rushed outside while asking others to run away.


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