BJP won by doing manipulation in EVM; alleges Hardik


Patidar leader Hardik Patel has categorically alleged that BJP has won Gujarat by tempering electronic Voting Machine (EVM) in Gujarat Assembly eletion.

he said that he is just 23 year old youth so he would start his crusade against the anti development agenda of the BJP led NDA regime after four five days. he also said that this time his focus would be on urban areas because we have got good support in rural areas. in view of this he would try to understand the psyche of the urban people.

he also said that now time has come to boycott election unless and until election commission agrees to conduct election through ballot. As far as ECI comment is concern on EVM that he has been using EVM so that they can declare result as soon as possible. if this is the reason then whey they forced to the candidate to wait till December 18 while in himachal pradesh poll had happened on November 9?

he appealed to all the political parties to come together and fight with election commission over EVM. To ascertain his allegation he said that in certain area when recounting happened then result margin came in thousand while it was in hundred earlier.


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