5 holidays missing in Uttarakhand Government’s 2018 holiday list

The government’s drill for speeding up government work will be borne by the holidays in the state. The government has cut five holidays in the leave announced for the year 2018. At the same time, the number of restricted holidays has been increased to include those five holidays.

Holidays will not be a hindrance in the abundance of work momentum in the government sector. To change the work culture, the government has cut down on public holidays. However, the options for the personnel were kept open by including the five holidays cut in restricted holidays.

The government has declared a holiday calendar for the year 2018. General Administration Principal Secretary Radha Raturi has issued orders in this regard. The number of public holidays declared for the year 2017 was 25, but due to the two holidays being on the same day, the number of holidays was 23. In 2018 this number has been reduced to 20. The deduction in five holidays will be applicable to all the employees of the state. Therefore, for the secretariat and assembly and five-day-week office offices, there will be only 20 vacancies in the new year.

On the other hand, the remaining government employees will get 24 other holidays including 20 plus four other holidays. These include Guru Gobind Singh, Chetichand, Vishwakarma Puja and Guru Teghbahadur Jayanti holidays. Apart from this, the facility of declaring three vacancies from the level of the District Magistrate will be given as before. The government cut five public holidays, but they were included in the restricted holiday list.

The holiday of the Chhath festival is kept in restricted holidays.

These are five holidays

-Holika Dahan
-Raksha Bandhan
-Govardhan Puja
– Bhai Duj


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