3 Scientists from Dehradun to be part of research expedition in Antarctica

3 scientists from Dehradun have been chosen for the 37th Scientific Expedition of India in Antarctica. These three scientists have reached Goa from Dehradun to become part of the 90-member campaign. In Antarctica, four to 14 months will be spent for various research work.

Technical Officer Vijendra Singh Bisht, Santosh Kumar and Ashok Chaudhary in Raipur-based DEAL have become part of this expedition as Communication Officer.They will be helping in communicating data to India through BHF, HF and the Internet. Vijender Singh is going for Antarctic for the third time, while this is the first timefor the other 2.

Vijendra Singh Bisht, a scientist involved in the expedition team, told that the team will travel to Goa by train, from Goa to Cape Town (South Africa) by ship, and the rest of the journey by airplane. To get to Indian station in Antartica -Maitri, they will have to get the help of Russian ship and helicopter. The team will take ten days to reach Maitri station from Cape Town. Vijendra has been in the campaign for 14months in 2006 and in 2014. Data collected in the Antarctic will be sent to the National Antarctic and Ocean Research Center (NCAOR).


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