Rapist Mama sent to jail till their death; court


Rapists, who had raped their sister’s 10 year old daughter, were sentenced to life imprisonment till their death by a court today. With this order court has sent message that no more leniency to rape accused.

The two rapist, among whom the younger one impregnated the girl, have been asked to pay a fine of Rs 3.05 lakh each of which Rs 3 lakh each will be given as compensation to the  victim. Both were found guilty under Section 376 (2) (f) (i) (n) of the IPC and Section 5 (l) (m), punishable under Section 6 of the POCSO Act.

Their defence lawyer said that they would appeal against the order. Our arguments were not considered. “The sentence is too harsh”. However, the Public Prosecutor argued that the victim fully trusted her uncles, but they broke her trust.

As per the order, the maternal uncles were nearly her father’s age. However, they did not hesitate while commiiting the crime. Thus, they did not deserve any leniency as the victim had been scarred for life and the incident would haunt her at every stage. Although the victim had been burdened with pregnancy at such a young age, her child had been left alone in this cruel world. None else but the protectors of the child have ravished her.

While pointing out that the number of rapes in India had risen from 16,000 to 24,000 since 2011, the judgment pointed out the inadequacy of the law of rape. It said rape cases either did not get reported for various reasons or did not reach a conclusive state with culprits roaming free, eyeing their next target. The victim was burdened with pregnancy at an age meant to play and enjoy. The court also took notice of the fact that the convicts took advantage of the relationship as they knew that their entry into the house would not be  looked at with suspicion.

The girl was thus victimised and forced to give birth to a child putting her life at stake. Her newborn was left without a mother and had to continue life on top feed only.


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