Postpone your train journey till Nov 8


BEWARE if you commuting between Dehradun to Haridwar via train because several trains plying on this route would be cancelled or short terminated for next four days i.e. between Nov 5-8. Although passenger train would be regulated but can’t run more than 20kmph during this period.

The Northern Railway officials say “ the decision taken to upgrade capacity of the Dehradun-Haridwar rail section for running 18 -coach trains. The Northern Railway is undertaking non-interlocked working at Harrawala station on the Haridwar-Dehradun rail section in connection with the capacity up-gradation of the Dehradun-Haridwar rail section.

“To execute the work, there will be a traffic block on this section between November 5-8   for overhauling of  the lever frame at Central Cabin at Dehradun, a shadow block is planned from November 6 to November 8,” he added.

Consequently, several trains scheduled to run on the section would remain cancelled/short-terminated/regulated. Among the trains to be cancelled during the period of the block are 14631 Dehradun-Amritsar Express, 14632 Amritsar-Dehradun Express 14265 Varanasi- Dehradun Express, 14266 Dehradun-Amritsar Express would be cancelled  till  November 7.

Other trains would be short-terminated till Haridwar during the period are 19019 Bandra T-Dehradun Express, 14113/14163 Allahabad-Dehradun Express, 14317 Indore-Dehradun Express, 15001 Muzaffarpur-Dehradun Express. 1. In return direction train 19020 Dehradun-Bandra T Express, 14120 Dehradun-Kathgodam Express, 14310 Dehradun-Ujjain Express would depart from Haridwar.

The trains which would be regulated during the period of the block include 13009 Howrah-Dehradun Doon Express.  The one whose journey is scheduled to commence on Friday would be regulated if  it runs late for more than 30 minutes. The 54341 Sahranpur-Dehradun Passenger whose journey commences on November 5  would be regulated too.

“Besides, a speed limit of  20 kmph would be imposed as a safety measure on the trains passing through the section  during the period of the block,” informed chief public relation officer Neeraj Sharma.


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