Police penalise its own DGP


Strange but true, Uttarakhand police has penalized their own DGP because he had allegedly jumped to red light or police wants to build their image. With this incident police may pat themselves that their personnel have become more professional than any other wings of the Uttarakhand police. It has raised several questions—Was not it a publicity stunt? Do we really need more police personnel? Have not police turned as money minting machine ? if yes then can’t we earn more money by installing more close circuit television (CCTV) camera, which would function round the clock, and it will be deterrent for motorist and criminal too? This would bring more efficiency than now.

As far as money minting machine is concerned then police had been putting their full efforts to seek share on the money which they collected through challan. Thanks to prudent bureaucrat, who denied the demand by saying this would open Pandora box because then tax, excise and other agencies would start seeking share from their collection.

As we know that during police martyr day, Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat had categorically said that police need to enhance their image. By saying the line CM had given reminder to the police, which may claim themselves that they are mitra police (friend police) but in reality they don’t. Since inception of City Patrol Unit (CPU), which was formed by former DGP BS Sidhu, it has been in limelight mostly for wrong reason. As they don’t regulate traffic but believe in penalizing people by pasting challan over parked vehicle of street or on two wheeler rider who drive without helmet. As if they have been told to cut more challan to prove that they are more efficient than the traffic police. Such work can be executed through CCTV because it would function round the clock and people would learn to follow or pay the penalty.

Ironically police believe in penalizing but they don’t bother to understand the people woe. For instance, if you parked vehicle inside the street then they would paste challan but if traffic gets disturb or accident happens due to illegal storage of construction material or potholes then they would not bother to address it.

It has raised another question that was not it publicity stunt? if not then it means don’t they know the face of their own top cop i.e. DGP? if not then how the news reveals? If not, then why not they penalize all the motorists during procession. As we know that during procession neither crowd wear helmet nor allow other traffic to move ahead nor follow traffic rules. On condition of anonymity an officer says that political party or religious institution intimates to the police in advance so they changed the duty of the CPU to avoid altercation. To meet the target, we have to paste challan. He further says it seems it was nothing less than political stunt because if the incident would have happened in hills then we may believe that he may not know DGP.



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