Panchyat mahakumbh turned into batteground between minsiter and panchayt


The much-hyped Panchayat Mahakumbh turned into battleground between the minister and the participants. As the minister Arvind Pandey, who arrived late, today. Ironically the Mahakumbh was organised to felicitate the Panchayats which have done good work in comprehensive development of their areas — saw the online registration system of births and deaths in the rural areas of the State. While hailing it as another important step in the direction of digital empowerment.

The Confront between the minister and panchayat representatives aggravated when the participants started leaving the venue to quench their thirst amidst the minister address, then minister asked them to act like human beings

Most of them left due to late arrival of the minister. Others started living amidst the minister address then they were forced to stay back otherwise action will be taken against them. The fracas on, the Haridwar district Pachayat President Savita Chaudhary and the district panchayat officer RKN Tripathi remained silent while others were seen persuading the participants to hang on.

The commotion started after the Minister, who arrived late rebuked the participants, exhorted them to act like ‘human beings’ and develop the power to stand heat and cold. Denied water to quench their thirst, they hit back at the Minister, saying that they would leave. Seeing many of them departing while crying foul of the ‘abusive’ Minister, Pandey erupted in anger.

Visibly upset minister shouted that he would not tolerate such misbehaviour. The rural part of the State can hardly be developed by these dalal. All these miscreants have been identified and their photographs have been shot. Action would be taken against them. The threat seemed to have sobered many of them as they fell in line and returned.

The Minister also insulted the city mayor Manoj Garg and sternly asked him to sit down when the latter was found seeking to calm down the agitated panchayat members.


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