New DL forms to have organ donation option on the form

Transport Department is going to make new initiatives to promote Organ Donation. Under this, when making a driving license, a form will be filled with those who are willing to donate and their license card will be written on ‘I am a Donor’. This type of writing will allow easy access to the organ donation in the event of an accident.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways had issued a draft notice two months back to implement the new form of license form. According to this, while applying for licenses across the country now, the consent of the applicant will be agreed after transmitting a declaration for organ and tissue donation. However, for those who do not agree, there will be an option of ‘no’ for them.

According to a report, more than five lakh people die in India  every year due to organ related issues. The average annual demand of kidneys in the country is two lakhs, whereas availability is only six thousand. Heart is available 15 thousand  against a demand of 50 thousand. In such a way, the officers associated with the transport believe that after agreeing with the new rules, it will be easy to get organ from those who die in the accident. However, the final notification on the new format is yet to be released.

Arrangement will be implemented in Indore from January

Work is going on in some other divisions, including Indore in Madhya Pradesh, and is set to begin from January 1. According to Indore ARTO Archana Mishra, the person will have to tell wether he/she wants body donation (for education or research work) or some organ donation. In which the eyes, heart, kidneys, liver, bones or any organ which is possible to be given at the time of death is possible.

Kumaon’s Divisional Transport Officer Rajeev Mehra says that this provision has been done but we have not yet reached the mandate. This initiative is commendable. This will increase the tendency of organ donation among the people and the needy will benefit.


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