Nature lover can visit corbet and rajaji park now


Corbett and Rajaji national parks, which were closed on june 15,  have opened for tourists but tourist can’t enter with their own vehicle.  To facilitate them park authorities have made alternate arrangement for them. Improved infrastructure for tourists has been added at the both the parks with few changes in the rules for visiting tourists.

At Rajaji Park in Haridwar, Eco Development Committee’s president Rajesh Juglan and widlife warden Pradeep Kumar opened the park at Motichur range at 7am. Around 10 tourist vehicles entered the park.

From this year for the first time no private vehicle is being allowed inside the park and vehicles of eco-development committee will be taking the tourists for tour inside the park.

This has been done taking into account large-scale wildlife norms violations in the past undertaken by the private vehicles inside the park.

As of Corbett, this season tourist will be able to enter the national park from Kotdwar also apart from the traditional entry gate at Ramnagar. Further, Corbett authorities have decided to provide accommodation at the park for a maximum period of three days. It has been decided to ensure that maximum of tourists get opportunity to stay inside Corbett.


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