Man writes to PM Modi predicting massive earthquake by end of 2017

It was apparently a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi from an extrasensory perception (ESP) organisation in Kerala that kicked off alarm bells in Pakistan about a possible earthquake, according to Pakistani media reports.

On Saturday, a document from Pakistan’s Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority (ERRA) quoted an “Information Report” from the country’s intelligence agency, ISI, predicting the likelihood of a high-intensity earthquake in the Asian continental region.

It now appears that the “informational report” from Pakistan’s intelligence agency was based on a letter written by an organisation called ‘B.K. Research Association for E.S.P.’ in Kerala. The letter, riddled with grammatical and spelling mistakes, was written by the company’s director, one Babu Kalayil, and it issues “a warning for precaution” to Prime Minister Modi.
The report goes on to say that the letter from ERRA appeared to be fake as the ISI had nothing to do with prediction of a natural calamity. It did, meanwhile, quote from the BBC report citing Met Department Chief Ghulam Rasool who raised doubts on the prediction.

Met Department chief Dr Ghulam Rasool, as quoted in the Express Tribune report, told BBC Urdu: “This prediction has no scientific justification, albeit, we are preparing to save ourselves from its effects. ERRA has also started its work by writing the letter. I contacted Japanese experts after this prediction but they were not aware of any technology which could tell about an earthquake in advance.”


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