Is woman safe in BJP led UK regime?


BJP led Uttarakhand government keeps boasting that they would not allow anyone to outrage the modesty of a woman but around 46 hours have passed but police is yet to begin their investigate on the FIR, which was lodged by a woman against unknown person on the charge of eve teasing on Saturday late night. Sources said that chief minister office (CMO) is putting immense pressure over the police to hush-up the matter. If it is true, than question arises that does woman safe under this regime?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is busy in assuring the woman of the country that their and party led governments’ utmost priority is to provide security to the woman but in BJP ruled state woman dared to lodge FIR on the charges of eve teasing but police is yet to identify the person and this happens when the incident took place D

Source said that the allegedly accused, who along with people had boozed in the hotel where organizer of Raiwar were staying, had passed lewd comment against the allegedly victim woman while she was walking around. The accused had offered her to come along with him. Initially the woman ignored it because she thought it happened by mistake under influence of liquor.

why she lost her patience

Her patience lost when the accused, who is an officer in Nehru institute of Mountaineering (NIM) and played pivotal role in Kedarnath reconstruction, driver approached her inside the hotel. The driver asked her ‘are you coming? The person is very senior officer in NIM? With these dastardly act she lost her patience and created chaos there. These incident has disclosed the officer’s attitude and his openness with his driver too. It means earlier he must have arranged woman for him otherwise how can a driver approach a woman in a hotel.

What is mentioned in FIR

As per the FIR the lady has categorically mentioned that she along with her husband came to the hotel to have dinner on saturday evening. while she was walking then somebody passed lewd comment on him while staring and later her driver informed her the person is an officer in NIM but she does not know who is he? A senior police officer said that the lady is on her part is right because after complaint it is police duty to identify the accused after investigation. If they have not done anything on it then it is fault on their part but this incident reveals that how the officer is maniac?

Talking to news portal Dehradun city SP Pradeep Rai has confirmed that a lady has lodged FIR against unknown person on the charges of eve teasing on saturday night. Meanwhile police is investigating the case.

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