Future battlefied would be complex;army chief


Army Chief Bipin Rawat has categorically said that there is need to enhance our capabilities because future battlefields would be complex and warfare hybrid in nature, With this changing patterns in terrain, armoured vehicles like battle tanks should must have the capacity and capability to operate on the western as well the northern borders. he expressed these views while addressing the inaugural session of a seminar on ‘Future Armoured Vehicles India 2017’ here.

The future battlefield will be complex. While fighting battles in conventional domains, the sub- conventional domain just cannot be overlooked.  The two have to be concurrent, he noted.

Off course there will be the hybrid use of warfare that will get entwined within. So there will be the use of space, cyber, there will be information warfare in war time. To deal with such scenarios, it is pertinent to understand the kind of weapon systems, equipment and technologies forces will confront, Rawat added.

Some part of the Thar desert is hardening. With the development of canals, barren land has turned green and population density has increased, posing challenges, he added.

“With the canal systems evolving, we have to address the requirement of bridges and the manner in which these armoured fighting vehicles will negotiate them. That is why I say the battlefield will turn complex… The terrain will add to the complexities,” Rawat said.

Whatever be the future, armoured vehicles must have the capacity and capability to operate on the western as well as the northern border. Therefore, whatever weapons we are going to introduce must be capable of interoperability on both the fronts, he added.

Rawat noted that the Army was looking at modernising its mechanised forces and there should be a timeline for it. The Army is looking to introduce modern tanks and ICVs (Infantry Combat Vehicles) from 2025-2027.

“This is the time we can make no mistake. We have to decide on what we want, what are the capabilities and what exactly we have to achieve. We must have the capability to operate by day and night,” Rawat added.


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