Four Min involved in mining under BJP govt; Ex CM


Sharpening its attack against BJP led state government, Ex Chief Minister Harish Rawat alleged that state government has failed in all front. He averred that there might even be a fourth Cabinet Minister in the state Government who is mired in major corruption. Even government schools are being closed and salaries are not being disbursed on time.

Few days after alleging that three cabinet ministers were involved in corruption linked to land deals and demonitisation, Rawat refrained from naming anyone but said that he would announce his intention and then reveal the names later in the future. He stressed that fourth minister name has also resurfaced during his investigation.

He alleged that according to records there was no revenue generation between March-June 2017 but none of the state government cheque bounced and the salaries were also disbursed on time.

“The BJP state government claimed that the previous Congress regime had left the state coffers empty but it was due to the revenue generated during our tenure that the BJP state Government was able to carry on without any revenue generation for four months Isn’t this a sign of government’s failure on financial management? There seems to be a developmental holiday on in the state with all developmental works stalled.”

Citing the price of petrol, diesel and cooking gas Ex-CM Harish Rawat said that these were being sold at much cheaper during the Congress Government than now. Now time has come for the people to come out on the roads and raise their voice against the price-rise, which are being imposed by the government.


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