An eve teasing case reported in Rajpur road, Ddun


A woman has lodged FIR against an unknown person on the charges of eve teasing here in Dehradun on Saturday late night. Coincidentally three things i.e. allegedly accused, allegedly victim and venue  together made the case high profile. Talking to Dehradun SP Pradeep Rai on Sunday has confirmed that an FIR has been lodgedon the charge of eve teasing against unknown person on Saturday late night.

In which allegedly accused is a person, who has earned fame by doing phenomenal work in Rudraprayag district, has grabbed media attention on wrong reason. It is being alleged that he made lewd comment on a woman under the influence of liquor and the woman raised her voice vehemently against his act. In view of high profile persons’ involvement either side police tried their best to suppress the matter but could not succeed because the allegedly victim woman identified as wife of another high profile person of the city capital Dehradun. Seeing the high profile persons’ involvement Police somehow convinced her to lodge complaint on the charges of eve teasing against unknown person. In this case police seems under pressure because even after 24 hours they are investigating eve teasing case against unknown person but in reality the venue was under the surveillance of CCTV.

The person is being considered as one of the strong contender for the seat, which would be vacated by the former chief minister and Garhwal MP Maj Gen Bhuwan Chandra Khanduri, because sitting MP has announced that he would not contest election in upcoming general election-2019. The person, who has switched off his mobile since the news flashed in social media, is unreachable which is why we could not get his version. Although police is also tight lipped but accepted that they have received complaint under eve teasing against unknown person on the intervening night of Saturday and Sunday. Meanwhile they are assessing the hotel CCTV footage because the incident took place in a hotel situated at Rajpur road.

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