Double murder shocks haridwar


A day after the Roorkee court shootout, twin murder occurred in Laksar Haridwar district. A couple was bludgeon to death by some miscreant on the intervening night of Tuesday and Wednesday. this incident has shocked the  haridwar residents and they were murmuring that are they safe in Devbhoomi?

Police is yet to ascertain the cause of murder which is why they have been investigating case in all angles. They say robbery might be one of the reason. The deceased were identified as Pawan kumar and his wife Sarvesh kumar, who were staying in Saidabad village of laksar, haridwar for the past few years. Their ward a son and a daughter are staying in Haridwar.

His lone son is working as driver while daughter is married and staying in Haridwar city. As per the villager that the couple did not have enmity with anyone and intruder must have entered for robbery.

Giving details of the double murder, SP Rural Manikant Mishra said that the police team had rushed to the village upon receiving information from the villagers in afternoon. Neighbour got suspicious when they did not come out till afternoon so they called the police.

“They found the bodies inside splattered in blood and sent them for autopsy. Their heads were found smashed as the murderers might have used iron rod or hammer to kill them,” he added.

In prima facie evidence indicates a case of robbery. “The cupboard was found broken and the household items were found scattered. Given the couple’s advanced age, the robbers might not have expected resistance. There is something strange in the case. In most of the robberies, the goons select houses located in desolate places and rarely one which is situated in the middle of a village. That is why we are probing the case from all possible angles.


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