cong observes black day tday


State congress observed black day on the anniversary of demonetisation. On Nove 8, 2016 Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced that Rs 1000 and Rs 500 currency would not no more legal tender. With this decision people had to struggle hard to deposit their hard earned money into their bank account. Although they deposited the money into bank account but could not withdraw because of liquidity crunch.

With this decision BJP led NDA  regime has paralysed the Indian economy. although we had anticipated it then but now everybody is realising it. For this they took out rally in Dehradun today.

The rally started from Rajiv Bhawan-Clock Tower-Paltan bazaar-dispensary road-Rajiv Bhawan. Whild addressing to the congress workers and gathering, UK PCC President Preetam Singh said that since november 8, 2016 nation is in dilemma. Then PM had appealed to the nation that situation would ease by December 31, 2016 but things yet to improve.

He alleged “The Narendra Modi led NDA regime has not introduced any such scheme, which benefits the poor and common public. For the last three and half year. On the contrary, the common people of the nation are bearing the brunt of measures intended to facilitate some large industrial houses. One year has passed since the demonetization decision was taken taken but still there is confusion across the nation and those living in the rural remote areas have not yet been able to recuperate from its effects.

This decision taken supposedly for extracting black money and removing counterfeit currency from circulation has turned out to be more of a conspiracy to benefit a few industrial families and disturb the nation’s economy.” He further lambasted the Central Government for implementing the Goods and Services Tax without proper preparation.

“The Congress  has been in favour of GST, it was first mentioned by the then finance minister in his speech during the tenure of the Congress-led UPA government during 2004. The Congress intended to introduce GST by 2010 and had sought consent of the States for this. The then Gujarat Chief Minister and current PM along with the Madhya Pradesh CM had outrightly rejected GST then. The UPA Government was to introduce GST with maximum 14 per cent tax but the present Government has made four tax slabs.

Then PM had said that he has taken the decision to check black money and terror funding too but in reality is that he had forced common man to deposit their hard earned money into bank. Now the bank would lend the money to the industrialists.

In GST regime they have imposed 28 percent as highest slab and it has increased the price rise and people are craving for help. They imposed GST without prepration and it has destroyed the indian economy. they said that one nation one tax but in reality one nation four types of tax.

To facilitate the BJP leaders and few industrial houses, they have increased the deposit limit in foreign bank. during UPA regime it was mere $ 75000 but they increased it to $ 125000 and then $ 250000. they did it to facilitate the few industrial houses so that they can easily deposit their black money into foreign bank. with this order $ 11000 crore has been parked in foreign bank by the indians. Modi government claims that demonetisation decision was taken secretly but in reality in second quarter of financial year 2016-17 huge money deposited into the foreign bank. it clearly shows that the decision was not secret otherwise how can the amount can be deposited into the foreign bank before demonetisation.

other leaders including Leader of Opposition Dr Indira Hridayesh, Ex PCC President Kishore upadhyaya, MLA Mamta Rakesh, Ex MLA Furkan Ahmed, Dinesh Aggarwal, Mantri Prasad Naithani and others were present


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