A book ‘The lost devtas’ presented to DM by author


The District Magistrate of Haridwar, Deepak Rawat was presented a fiction book titled ‘The Lost Devtas’ by its author Suraj Prakash Kothiyal at his office in Haridwar. The book is a historic fiction on history of Himalayas, which reveals the magical powers that existed in ancient Himalayas. The story illustrates the religious culture of devtas and dhols that are prominent till date in nooks and corners of Himalayas.

The story of the book revolves around the seven governing dhols of Himalayas that have gone silent with the sudden death of the head Priest, Nilatma. But moments before his death, Nilatma revealed the secret of magical stone to Rakho Ameya, the caretaker of Bhairav devta’s dhol. However Rakho Ameya found a similar stone with a young boy named Neer at Nilatma’s funeral. The story is based on this young boy who comes across a magical stone and is destined to carry on the legacy of Nilatma, the head priest of Himalyas.

The book illustrates the expedition of Najib khan, the cruel tribal chief of Rohilkhand and founder of the city Najibabad. The story is inspired from many historical events and uses many prominent places that still exist. The readers, who are from Uttarakhand or have travelled to this state will find an automatic connect to the book.

Mr Deepak Rawat congratulated the author, Suraj Prakash, for his debut novel. He emphasized that our young generation should know about the history and culture of Himalayas. The young author commented that the dynamic personality and working style of Deepak Rawat reminds him of Canadian Prime minister Justin Trudeau and Mr Rawat is an inspiration to the youth of Uttarakhand.


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