Badrinath portal to be closed after sunset on nov 19; Rawal


First time in the last seventeen years, the portals of the Badrinath shrine will be closed after sunset this year on November 19. Although three portals i.e. the Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri shrines have already been closed for the winter season, the Badrinath shrine is yet to close.

The ritual procedure for closure of the portals has already begun with the Panch Pooja. Meanwhile temple committee is busy in making arrangement for the closing ceremony. It is being said that this year around 15 quintals of marigold, Juhi and Chameli flowers will be used to decorate the temple.

The ritual for the closure of the portals has already been started. On the first day -Wednesday morning, the Mahabhishek and Bal Bhog ceremonies were conducted in the shrine of lord Badrinath by the Rawat (chief priest) Ishwari Prasad Namdoobari. After that the rituals were conducted in the shrine of lord Ganesha.

The priests and devotees worshipped lord Ganesha after which the portals of the shrine to lord Ganesha were closed by the Rawal. Apart from the local devotees, the devotees visiting Badrinath from across India and abroad were also present there.

As per the available information on Thursday the portals of the Adi Kedareshwar shrine was closed to the public. Today i.e. November 17, the Kadag Pustak will be closed for the winters. Later, on November 18, prayers will be offered to goddess Lakshmi who will also be invoked to take her palce in the sanctum sanctorum of Badrinath shrine alongside the presiding deity. On November 19, the portals of the shrine will be closed to the public for the winters at 7:28 PM.


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