Do u know honey makes your skin pimple free?


Honey often being considered as a healthier option of sugar. Even if you wish to reduce your weight then it is one of the best available option naturally. Due to its anti bacterial quality Ayurveda doctor suggests patients especially cancer to have medicine with honey but seldom people know that it nourishes your skin too.

It is an antioxidant and saves skin from getting old. This natural product is rich source of vitamins including B & C and minerals like calcium, potassium, sodium, amino acid, iron etc. It means whenever you rub honey over your skin then you are giving these nutrients to your skin and people will notice phenomenal changes in your skin. Even beauty experts suggests that wash your skin with honey and get glowing face. Even you can see such claim in soap advertisement which are being bombarded everywhere including newspaper, television, radio and internet.

Ironically, most of the people especially teenager keep busy in finding the right face wash but they do not find it properly. Even if they find then that does not suit to other family members. initially they wash their face but later they witness their skin becoming more dry. If you wash your face with honey then not only it cleans but save your skin from dryness. It improves the skin natural ability to retain moisture because it nourishes skin properly. While applying over face it may be sticky but it makes your skin fresh with natural glow. It will make your face pimple free too because it is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Although before procuring honey you must check its authenticity.


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