Tendulkar’s house having 1 Lac litre water tank in Mussoorie


People, who were shocked with a news that a house being demolished in mussoorie where noted cricket Sachin Tendulkar along with his family used to stay during his visit to mussoorie, got double shock when they come to know that the building was having a underground water tank having capacity of more than one lakh litre. There was an installation of industrial RO water machine. The house was made by using all kinds of latest technique so the company, who was given contract to remove the building, has expressed inability to complete the work at prescribed rate. Earlier the contractor had thought the structure is old structure so he would demolish it in two to three days but now he realized that this is his one of the giant take. As we know that the building was being demolished since October 3.

On condition of anonymity an officials said that this is total failure of the cant board because such structure created but they were unaware about it. It is just like that few prisoners dug out tunnel to run away from jail and jail authority could not realise it. Similarly, one lakh litre water storage tank and industrial RO was full operational but could not identify it.

Ironically owner of the house was made strong and having capacity to tolerate earthquake upto 9 Richter scale. The building made adjacent to army building. Such huge structure created but army officials were unaware about it. Now we can imagine how our army is keeping close tab on movement in and around their establishment.

ironically, noted cricket sachin along with his family used to stay here during his visit to Mussoorie. the house belong to his friend  Sanjay Narang. After receiving a notice from cant board he had challenged the order but lost case in supreme court. thereafter board has started demolishing the house.


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