Secretaries celebrated Gandhi Jayanti by sweeping in secretariat


To celebrate Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary, uttarakhand bureaucrats conducted a sanitation drive in  secretariat campus on Monday. Although the drive was organised by Sulabh international Social service but bureaucrats were seen actively participating to send message across the state that “Swachhta hi sewa hai”.

Although they conducted the drive as part of Gandhiji’s birth anniversary celebration because it was Mahatama Gandhi who had always admitted that he used to clean his toilet himself. As we know that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has appealed to the nation to make your small contribution in sanitation drive.  if 125 crore people take pledge then nothing is impossible. Following on it, the Sulabh international social service had organised swachhata abhiyan in secretariat.

Sulabh international, Uttarakhand controller Satish Chandra Patel disclosed that sulabh is giving emphasis on digital transaction we have been receiving payment electronically from user for toilet and bathroom across the country. Patel said that PM has appealed to the nation from Red Fort and now 2502 village and 67 districts and three states have made free from scavenger. Its credit goes to PM Modi only.

During the drive several officers including Principal secretary Radha Raturi, Anand vardhan, secretary Amit Negi, Radhika Jha, Ranjit Sinha, Bhupinder Kaur Aulakh and Additional secretary Vinod Raturi, Indudhar Baurai were seen sweeping the premise.


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