Politics over PM Modi’s visit to kedarnath


Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s scheduled visit to Kedarnath shrines just a day after the Deepawali has made opposition i.e. congress impatient especially former chief minister Harish Rawat has decided to visit kedarnath and address a public rally on Sunday. As per the schedule PM would lay the foundation stone of the protection wall behind the kedarnath temple so that it could be protected in case of nature fury like disaster 2013.

As we know that since disaster 2013 Modi, then chief minister of Gajarat Chief minister, had been showing his great concern towards Kedarnath. Then he had offered to then UK CM Vijay Bahuguna to allow him to do reconstruction work at Kedarpuri, where kedarnath temple situated but then CM had rejected the demand. Ironically since inception of PM Modi led NDA regime at centre, union government did not release the budget which was sanctioned by cabinet commission on kedarnath reconstruction during congress led UPA-II regime, so he may make some announcement in view of Gujarat Assembly election which is due in november/december this year.

As Kedarnath stays in the heart of the people which is why PM Modi may make some announcement during his visit which is why congress does not want to allow BJP to take credit of the work, which were executed during the congress regime.

Talking to the UK PCC vice president Jot Singh Bisht said that during assembly election PM Modi had raised the issue of kedarnath disaster scam and now they have been ruling here since march this year but nothing has come out. It ascertains our claim that PM’s visit to Kedarnath is mere a political stunt and nothing else. He also says that if PM Modi is coming here to pay obeisance to Lord shiva then congress would lay red carpet for him.

As we know that election commission has announced date for himachal Pradesh assembly election and date to be announce for the Gujarat election shortly which is why PM is visiting here to play Hindutva card only. from here he again want to play hindutva card because Lord shiva stays in the heart of  everyone. Although state bjp  media incharge Dr Devndra Bhasin has outrightly rejected this allegation and said that PM Modi is great devotees of Lord shiva but congress, which is yet to believe that people have been rejecting them since general election-2014 and will reject in upcoming election  too, is creating nuisance to get political mileage only.


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