Must follow 10 points while planning for holiday


As holiday is round the corner and you must be planning to go out along with family. Here are the few tips which need to be followed before booking your hotel during holiday trips.

1—Check distance of the hotel from airport/station on google map.

2–Understand room preference is not guaranted because it depends upon availability

3—Be courteous to the hotel staff because you checked-in for fun and these staffs would facilitate you during your stay. You may argue later but it will spoil your trip despite spending huge money

4—Bundle a hotel with airfare because it reduces your cost

5—Skip the package deal, which is usually made tempting to lure first timer and you end up arguing with the staff or service provider during journey. Eventually it will spoil your mood.

6—Mention special occasion like birthday, anniversary or honeymoon so that there are probabilities that staff would plan accordingly.

7—Ask about the parking and arrangement of chauffer’s dormitory whether it is free or paid.

8—Ask for a corner room while check-in so that you would enjoy outside views from your room and get less disturbance during stay.

9—Please check the bill because sometime they add hidden charges like mini bar, gym or swimming pool so ask them to delete it because you don’t want to use it

10—Carry ear-plug because sometime you end up with noisy place then it will help you lot.


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