Mother didn’t know, Ram Rahim’s case heard by her son; Judge Jagdeep

sunil kumar

Judge Jagdeep Singh, who sentenced Dera Chief Gurmeet Singh Ram Rahim to imprisonment for 20 years in two rape case, has said that his mother was not aware that Ram Rahim’s case being heard in her son’s court. He was here to visit Kedarnath. During an exclusive interaction with, Judge Singh said that for me it was just like an another case and during proceedings he had reached to the conclusion that the Dera Pramukh is a guilty but he wants to go through all the evidence before delivering his judgement.

Talking about the pressure, which he was facing before delivering the judgement, Judge singh said that he knew that the dera pramukh is highly influential people but by the grace of god he did not feel any such pressure. Although to avoid pressure he had sent his family including mother to an undisclosed place. Although his wife was very much supportive and she said “you do whatever law says so don’t come under pressure because of your family. Whenever you come across with such thought then remember the face of the victim, who have been consistently fighting with the person who is not less than fig tree”. Although it is true that a day before the judgement he could not sleep properly. He further said that for you (media) this may be a historical case but for him it was just like an old case and nothing else.

Judge is youngest one in his family and having one elder brother and sister. His father is no more so his mother nurtured him. Although her mother is not educated and was not aware about the case, which was being anticipated in media and discussed among mass, is being dealt by his son’s court. He further said that after a fortnight of the judgement she came to know that the judgement delivered by her own son then she could not hide her tears of pride. She said that now I am more proud of you.

Hats-off to the two women, who dared to face him despite facing lots of ups and down to their life. One out of two victims parent was giving Rs 50000 per month to another victim so that she could survive amid pressure. Although the person died one month ago of this judgement. Just imagine how much he was dedicated to this case and its victim too. As he knew that she may succumbed to her situation so he kept giving Rs 50000 per month to the another rape victim.

He further said that after the judgement he met one of the victim, who said that they were desperately waiting for this judgement and if the judgement would not have come to their favour then they had pre-decided that they would commit suicide. Due to this one of out of the two victim did not expand her family because she thought that if she did not get justice then she along with her husband had decided to commit suicide then who will take care of their ward.

Similarly other victim was also waiting but she lost her father, who had been extending unhindered support to her and other victim, before getting judgement. Although she has expanded her family because she was confident that she would get justice and now got it. He further said that during judiciary meeting every judges are being instructed by their superior to sort out at least 100 old cases so for him it was just an old case and nothing else.


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