Learn how to prepare Balushahi 4m Dr Sachu, an IIT Alumni

Dr Sachu Bishnoii, an IIT Alumni and HR professional from India who is having hobby of cooking quick and easy dishes.
As festive season is hovering so Dr Sachu says these days we are not having much time to prepare tough dishes by spending hours so I am usually trying to make the procedure simple for those same dishes and if possible I want to make them in less time. Hope you all are also enjoying by preparing the dishes with the same procedure
Sweet/ Snack
Preparation Time    –    5 Min
Cooking Time          –   20 Min
Ingredients –
1.5 Cup                      –          All purpose flour(maida)
1.5 Cup                      –          Sugar
4 tea spoon               –          Curd
6 tea spoon               –          Ghee (Purified butter)
½ liter                        –         Sunflower oil or Ghee
¼ tea spoon              –         Green cardamom powder
¼ Tea spoon            –          Baking Soda
4-5                              –         Almonds (Chopped for garnishing)
1 Cup                         –        Water
1 pinch                      –         Orange food colour (optional)
Method –
Take all purpose flour and baking soda in a big bowl. Mix well and add purified butter and curd.Mix well with light hands so balushahi will become flacky. Don’t press much and add very little water/milk, if required. Leave it for 10 min.
Take sugar, ¾ cup water in a pan and add cardamom powder and food colour.Put it on slow flame and stir well so sugar will not stick to the bottom.Make 2 string sugar syrup. If you want less sugar then you can make it thin.Turn off the heat and leave it like that.
Now take the dough and cut it into equal pieces; make small balls without pressing much. Press from thumb in the middle to give it the shape of Balushahi.
Take oil/ghee in a frying pan and put it on slow flame.Add 5-6 balls and fry them on slow flame.When it will become light brown from one side then flip it and fry them from other side as well.Take it out on a plate and leave it.When these balushahi are cold and sugar syrup is warm then put them in sugar syrup for 4-5 min.Now take it out on plate.Can garnish it with chopped almonds.
There is no need to put it in refrigerator. It stays good for 15 days even outside.

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