Farmers in Rajasthan find a unique way to protest against authorities

Farmers at Ninder village near Jaipur went on a unique strike to protest against the acquisition of their lands by the Jaipur Development Authority for housing projects.

The strike, which reached its 14th day on Gandhi Jayanti, witnessed the farmers perform what they call the ‘Zameen Samadhi Satyagraha’.

For the first time in the state, the farmers will launch ‘zameen samadhi satyagraha’ where their bodies (with only the heads sticking out) will be buried under the earth. Nagendra Singh, coordinator, Ninder Bacho Kisan Yuva Samiti, said, “The state government is not taking our protests seriously. In the past 14 days, no representative from government has taken initiative to listen to our demands. We will die but not give our land to develop a housing society. The protest will continue.”

It was announced on Monday that 21 farmers will take satyagraha samadhi and more farmers are expected to join in the coming days. “We would only come out to attend to nature’s call. Otherwise, we will stay in the pit day and night,” added Singh.
The Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) had planned to acquire 1,300 bighas to develop the housing scheme. Out of this, the civic body took possession of 110 bighas recently from the ‘mandir mafia’. Till date, the JDA has taken possession of 600 bighas located in the scheme. It has also deposited Rs 60 crore in the court for the acquired land.


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