Facing government neglect; students build bridge to school in Gajoli

When the administration turned a blind eye to make a bridge in Gajoligad  near Gajoli of Asi Ganga ghat, school students got together a temporary bridge in four hours in collaboration with their parents. This bridge connects Gajoli and Nagaon to Inter College Bhankoli. 45 students of these two villages are in Rinka Bhankoli. So far, these students were passing the Gajoli gaon by risking their life with a shabby bridge.

There is no inter college in Gajoli and Naogaon of Asi Ganga region. The students of the village had to go three kilometer away to inter college in Bhankoli. Presently, 45 students of these two villages are studying at Bhankoli Inter College. However, these students had to risk life at home and school from the home and school.

Before the year 2013 there was a RCC bridge near Gajoli Gadh which was washed away in the calamity but after that there was no bridge made. The villagers had prepared a raw bridge for temporary arrangement. But, that was also badly broken.

When the bridge was almost on the verge of collapsing, about ten students of Gajoli made a temporary bridge with the help of their  parents in a nearby place. It took four hours for students and parents to build this bridge.

Intermediate student Harish Khanduri said that the old temporary bridge has been completely damaged. That is why he made a wooden bridge on the second place. Shankar Khanduri, head of Gajoli village, points out that the broken four year time has passed but the administration has not made the bridge.


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