To expedite reconstruction work CS visits kedarnath


install cctv to review work progress and arrange drone too

A day after making presenation before the prime minister narendra modi about the state reconstruction plan for kedarpuri, chief secretary Utpal Kumar Singh along with Principal Secretary Home visited to Kedarnath today. There he reviewed the ongoing construction workS and given some instruction to the executive agencies including PWD, Irrigation and NIM.

As we know that PM had unveiled the foundation stone of several projectS during his last visit to Kedarnath on october 20. CS visited to the site of ghat construction, flood safety work, accommodation for priests, two tier barrier nearby MI-26 halipad and drainage system and underconstruction bridge over saraswati river. He asked the executive agencies to expedite the construction work so that such facilities can be availed by the pilgrims during next yatra season. He also visited on pedestrian route between Bhimbali helipad to Kedarnath and asked the Rudraprayag DM to install cctv at all the important points so that construction work progress can be monitored from anywhere. You also make an arrangement of drone for monitoring.

CS asked the NIM to level the land behind Kedarnath temple and develop as park through land scaping. With this park visitors can enjoy the view of temple. PWD has been asked to expand the surrounding of the temple as much as possible. PM has expressed his desire to expand the temple premise to give giant look. Even DM has been told to expand the temple front, left and right areas.

Reviewing the Beautification work of the Pedestrian route leading to Kedarnath temple, CS apprised the executive agency about the PM’s expectation. As per his wish, the devotees should get a glimpse of giant temple once they enter into the kedarpuri. Its construction and beautification material should be locally available.

CS also visited to the safety walls, which are being developed on the embankment of Mandakini and Saraswati river. He instructed to the irrigation department and NIM to complete their work within stipulated time and revive the land which had eroded during calamity 2013.

During pedestrian route between bhimbali to Kedarnath inspection , PWD officials instructed to strengthen the route and do survey of road between rambada to jangle chatti for mule and if possible then develop it before next year’s yatra season.

Rudraprayag DM has been instructed to install cctv to monitor the progress of work. NIM has been instructed to install UREDA Power plant by next 15 days, DM has been told to make sure underground of electric wire too.


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