Where devotees keep their valuable during Deepawali?


Do u know that devotees keep their valuable in a temple  during Deepawali. The temple priest docorates the temple with these cash and valuable worth of around Rs 100 crore. Due to this reason devotees number increasing year after year and tight security arrangements being made by the temple authority with the help of local administration.

For ordinary devotees of Mahalaxmi temple, Ratlam Madhya Pradesh are getting attracted towards cash instead of goddess because every inch of the temple been decorated with cash and as per the authority its worth would be around Rs one billion. Ironically all cash and valuable belong to devotees only. There is a belief that if you keep your valuable here then it would increase by next year

During deepawali, devotees hand over their cash, jewellery and valuable to the head priest, which is being kept inside the garbh griha (santum sanctorum). This is the unique tradition which is being followed by the devotees every year.

talking to media person Jitendra Dixit, a devotee, said “I have been visiting the Mahalaxmiji temple for six years now and I’m very happy. Whatever I’ve wished for in this temple has come true.” .

The decoration of the temple with the valuables will continue through Diwali, even though space inside the temple to keep the valuables is running out. Sanjay, the head priest of the temple, said, “The value of the cash, jewellery and other valuables is worth around Rs. 100 crore. Devotees come from far away places to give their valuables for the occasion of Diwali. However, we are running out of space to keep the money inside the temple now.”

Because of the sensitive nature of the temple decoration, a number of security arrangements are made by the administration and the police.

“The amount of the valuables in the temple is too high. To ensure nobody steals the money that is kept here, we have deployed police personnel who monitor the temple’s Garbh Griha continuously,” says Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), Pradeep Singh

Thousands of devotees visit the Mahalaxmiji temple to hand over their valuables. After Bhai Dooj, temple authorities return it to the devotees. The temple committee maintains record of every valuable, which are being hand over by the devotees, to avoid any mess. Although they have been doing this for long but not a single case of valuable lost reported so far. Both temple committee and devotees say that this is happening without any mess thanks to goddess only.


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