Corbet national park opens for tourist


If you are planning to enjoy your holiday among wildlife then pack up your luggage because Bizrani Zone, a famous tourist site in jim Corbett national park, opened for visitors after monsoon break. here you can watch wild-lives including tiger, leopord etc with your naked eyes.

Around 150 domestic and 30 foreign nationals with the help of 27 tourist gypsies entered the Bizrani zone. Some of them were excited by seeing tigers with their naked eyes as they entered into the tourist zone. Talking to mediaperson Deputy director corbet tiger reserve Amit Verma said that the zone opened in a simple ceremony.  The zone was closed for tourists on june 30 due to monsoon. A large number of nature guides, gypsy owners and hotel owners earn their livelihood due to this. although he also indicates towards the signage, which displays the information about the visitors what not to do during their visit inside the park, as well.


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