Astrologers say this year’s Deepawali is highly auspicious


Deepawali, a festival of lights, being celebrated by Hindus and other communities too. It represents the victory of light over darkness which is why it is being called the festival of lights. This year deepawali being celebrated on October 19.

As per the mythology on this auspicious occasion Lord Rama, Sita and Lakshman had returned to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile. To celebrate this day whole Ayodhya was lit up with Deepak, a earthen lamp and since then it is being known Deepawali.

It is also being believed that Lord Vishnu had married Goddess Lakshmi while many believes that Goddess Lakshmi was born on the day. In Bengal people worship goddess Kali. Lord Ganesha is also being worshiped as it is being believed that if you do worship of him then your work will complete without any hitches.

As per the astrologers,  the Amavasya tithi for Deepawali started at 12.13am on October 19 and will continue till October 20  at 00.41 am. This year’s deepawali is happening on Thursday and falling on chitra nakshatra, which is happening after 27 years. last time it had happened in the year 1990.

This year’s Deepawali, the pradosh kaal starts from 5.38 pm will be continue till 8.14 pm and if you do your ritual/customs during this period then your wish will be fulfilled because the time is most auspicious time of the day. You must decorate santum sanctorum of your temple with lotus flower because goddess lakshmi loves to sit over the flower.


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