Yet another UK BJP leader expressed his grudge


Strange but true that BJP MLA has lodged police complaint in fake twitter account, which was being run on the name of former chief minister & Garhwal MP Maj Gen Bhuwan Chandra Khanduri, a senior RSS leader has alleged that party is not being run by season politician which is why senior leaders are being overlooked and they might have expressed their pain without anticipating its outcome.

He alleged that BJP national president Amit Shah had convened 21 meetings in his two days long visit to uttarakhand and even one meeting he convened a meeting with intellectuals of the Uttarakhand but they did not bother to invite him. Although he said that he is hard core RSS worker so he would not speak it on public forum. He shared this because former chief minister twitter account is being discussed these days. He said that Gen Khanduri has disassociated with the tweet but the content, which were mentioned in the tweets, really matters to everyone.

The RSS leader said that he is hardcore RSS workers and he executes their instruction time to time but this time he was ignored. Sharing his pain, he said that for the workshop on Pt Deen Dayal Upadhyay he was invited over phone so he asked the caller that under whose instruction you are inviting me? The caller said that state BJP office bearer has asked him to call. He further said that it seems they did not invite me in Amit shah’s programmes intentionally otherwise they would not have invited me in Pt Deen Dayal upadhyay function.

A day after BJP women wing leader has written on her facebook that if BJP fails to address public issues like creating employment then they should forget general election-2019 and assembly election-2022 too. She has further mentioned that the issues might be her personal opinion but people should not mis-interpret it. It is true that people have huge expectation from the party and Prime Minister Narendra Modi led NDA regime which is why they had voted BJP to power but so far nothing concrete has happened so need to do introspection that why we are lacking to meet their expectation?


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