Specialised SDRF team to launch expedition on Friday morning to rescue stranded trekkers

Inclement weather, thick cover of snow along with high altitude acted a stumbling block in the operation to rescue the four stranded trekkers on the Badrinath-Madmaheswar route in Rudraprayag district on Thursday. The Air Force helicopter took some rounds near the Panpatia glacier, at an altitude of 4,000 metres, where the four trekkers were spotted holding the national flag. However, due to the rough weather and snow, the chopper could not land near the location.
Since Wednesday evening, four trekkers identified as Supriye Burman, DGM of IOC, Sanjay Sharma, Bhagwati Prasad and Pawan Kaushik, all Delhi residents along with five porters – all locals – are stranded near the Panpatia glacier.

Sharing the information Prahlad Singh Meena the Superintendent of Police, Rudraprayag said, “The trekkers have been struck on the spot for the third day. Despite the efforts, they could not be rescued on Thursday.”

According to Meena, the expedition is likely to start in the early morning hours of Friday. “The specialized team would be air dropped at a location near Panpatia glacier. They are expected to be air dropped at a distance of around 4-km, from where he will undertake an expedition to the spot to bring the trekkers back safely,” said the senior police officer.


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