Shah sought suggestions on how to strengthen party


BJP national president Amit Shah has categorically asked their party leaders including Minister and MLAs  that you rush to delhi to lodge your complaints but today he is here to listen your suggestion and complaint then you are not paying heed on it. This is totally wrong so be silent and express your views and suggestion about how party can do better than now one by one instead of creating nuisance.

During the meeting with party leaders, who were trying to create an impression by shouting slogans,  Shah asked them that instead of creating large introduction you come to your point directly and don’t waste your time. While he was saying this then few leaders who were sitting in middle row were chatting with each other then Shah said “ this is wrong because you rush to Delhi to lodge your complaint but when he is here to listen your grievance then you are busy in your chatting. With these words he managed to maintain pin-drop silence amid the presence of leaders.

Even he has advised them not to sought slogan to grab your attention because he is here to listen you only. He asked them to give your suggestion about how party can do better and how to strengthen our party base among mass etc.


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