Noted actor Tom Alter died


Actor Tom Alter, who was fighting with advanced cancer, has died in Mumbai on Friday night. He was 67. A statement released on behalf of his family said, “It is with sadness we announce the death of Tom Alter, actor, writer, director, Padma Shree, and our dear husband and father.” Alter was taken to Saifee Hospital earlier this month with stage four skin cancer, for which he had been treated earlier and which had relapsed. He was taken home on Thursday and died on Friday night. Tom Alter worked in film, television and theatre.

It was in June 1950 that a handsome blue-eyed boy was born in the hills of Mussoorie, with golden hair, an American descent and a truly Indian heart. The boy grew up to love dearly the Queen of Hills, and this romance with the mountains has lived on even decades after the boy shifted to Mumbai to shine as one of the greatest actors in the country- Tom Alter. On September 29, Alter lost his battle with advanced cancer.

During his last visit to Dehradun in June this year for a book launch, Alter had spoken fondly of his deep love for Rajpur and Mussoorie quipping that a poet needs the mountains to write a wonderful verse. At that gathering, Alter had regaled the audience with his impressive spontaneous recitations of fine Urdu shayari.


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