Hot air balloon to be used as mobile tower in UK village


Strange but true that if you see mobile tower hanging with the help of hot air balloon then don’t be surprised because this would be normal picture of Uttarakhand especially in remote areas in coming days. To give fillip to digital India, which is slogan or motto of Narendra Modi Led NDA regime, government has decided to connect more than 600 remote villages in Uttarakhand – a communication balloon. Hovering in the sky, the hot-air balloon would provide service such as mobile and internet connectivity. With this, Uttarakhand would become the first state in India to employ such technology. With the help of Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, the long lost dream of providing mobile connectivity to every village in Uttarakhand will soon become a reality.

Currently 680 out of 16870 villages are devoid of mobile and internet connectivity. Most of these villages are situated in remote areas of the state. Where laying cable adn setting up towers would not be feasible. Most fo the electronics and information technology have come forward to bring these remote villages into the internet bubbles.

Under this a hot air balloon would be flown in the inaccessible terrain where they could reach a maximum height of 50 meter or so. An antenna would be fitted in the hovering ballonn which will be connected with the control panel on the ground. Once switched on, the antenna would be able to tranmit signal upto 40 kilometers of the area where it woudl be flown. Meanwhile they have identified the two sites where such technology would be used in coming days.


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