HC sought public opinion on court reporting


In a bid to explore the “ideal balance” between freedom of press and administration of justice the Delhi High Court has sought suggestions from the common man. In which court has mentioned that give idea about how to formulate guidelines regarding coverage of court proceedings and granting accreditation to journalist for the purpose. In this regard a questionnaire was issued recently after deliberation of a committee on Media reporting in courts balancing free press, Fair Trial and Integrity of Judicial Proceedings set up by Acting Chief Justice Gita Mittal on June 23.

Even court has published a circular in high court website too. To this end, the committee seeks the opinion of various stakeholders on formulating guidelines for accreditation of media personnel reporting from the Delhi High Court and other lower courts in Delhi,” it said.

Court has asked the public to give their suggestions on the matter to the panel through the joint registrar of the High Court. The questionnaire comprised of 10 questions posed to the public include suggestions on whether live twitting or real time reporting of the court proceedings should be allowed or not. It has also asked to suggest whether there should be any penalty for an accredited journalist for misreporting of court proceedings. The penalty includes warning, temporary suspension or permanent withdrawal of accreditation and financial penalty on the reporter or the media house.

Court has also sought suggestions on reporting of the verbal observations made by a judge during court proceeding and the journalist should be allowed to carry electronic devices inside the courtroom to report or not. Whether journalists should be made mandatory for court reporting and the qualifications needed to get such accreditation. Accreditation is a process by which an authority requires a person to meet certain standards/qualifications before they are permitted to carry out certain activity.

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