Diabetic patient gets free medicine here


If you are diabetic, get registered free of cost with a sevashram to get your medicine related needs fulfilled. Also share your agonies and experiences with the likes to vent out negativities. A monthly get together with children, adults and expecting mothers who happen to face the same medical challenges gives a way out to the sufferers from this fast spreading disease. Many myths about the disease are broken in these monthly discussions and briefings.

Nikhil Agarwal, 21 who has diabetes from childhood shared his experience with his peer group during the monthly support group meeting saying, “I never ate apple earlier on account of the fear of sugar in the fruit. After coming here I realized it was not the sugar that mattered but the proper combustion of sugar and its conversion to the desired form which is usable in our bodies.” Many such dietary regimen are shared in the meetings.

The sevashram is running special clinic for the diabetics for the past many years by a trained diabetics educator and a monastic doctor who takes care of the daily needs of the patients.

Deliberating on how the group sharing helps the patients, Diabetes program coordinator and incharge monk for emergency department Swami Dayadhipananda said “This monthly support group plays an important role to boost their morale. They share their emotions with each other and thus such meetings act as cathartic. It empowers the diabetics with the right knowledge of diabetes,” said

Notably the sewashram receives financial support from International Diabetes federation (IDF-LFAC) based in Australia to meet the expenses towards insulin supplies.


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