Delhi-Dehradun train cancellation leaves passengers confused

On Saturday, two pair of trains canceled causing grave inconvenience to passengers on Dehradun-Delhi route. Two trains between Dehradun and Delhi have been canceled suddenly. Jan Shatabdi and Nandadevi Express trains will be canceled this Saturday and Sunday.

Due to the work being done in the New Delhi Railway Station Yard Complex and its adjacent areas, people had to face difficulties due to cancellation of two pair trains on Saturday. Also the Dehradun Saharanpur Passenger train has been stopped in Luxar due to work on the railway track between Roorkee and Saharanur.

On Saturday morning passengers who had to travel in Shatabdi to Delhi  had to face trouble. On Saturday morning, many travelers reached Roorkee station to go to Delhi. Where it was found that the trains have been canceled for Saturday and Sunday. The travelers returned frustrated and confused.


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