The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi delivering his statement at the Dialogue of Emerging Markets and Developing Countries, during the 9th BRICS Summit, in Xiamen, China on September 05, 2017.

BRICs driving the global transformation in next 10 yrs; Modi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has spoken about the BRICS driving the global transformation in the next 10 years for it to be a Golden Decade. He  suggested that this can be brought about with our proactive approach, policies, and action, on the following ten Noble Commitments:

Creating a Safer World: by organized and coordinated action on at least three issues: Counter Terrorism, Cyber Security and Disaster Management; Creating a Greener World: by taking concerted action on countering Climate Change, through initiatives such as the International Solar Alliance; Creating an Enabled World: by sharing and deploying suitable technologies to enhance efficiency, economy and effectiveness; Creating an Inclusive World: by economic mainstreaming of our people including in the banking and financial system; Creating a Digital World: by bridging the digital divide within and outside our economies; Creating a Skilled World: by giving future-ready skills to millions of our youth; Creating a Healthier World: by cooperating in research and development to eradicate diseases, and enabling affordable healthcare for all; Creating an Equitable World: by providing equality of opportunity to all, particularly through gender equality; Creating a Connected World: by enabling free flow of goods, persons and services; and Creating a Harmonious World: by promoting ideologies, practices, and heritage that are centered on peaceful coexistence and living in harmony with nature.

Through these agenda points, and action on them, we will be contributing directly to the welfare of the Global Community in addition to welfare of our own people. And in this, India stands ready as a willing and committed partner to enhance cooperation and support each other’s national efforts; I look forward to our progress together on this path. I commend President Xi for ably steering the BRICS Chairmanship for the year 2017, and for his warm welcome and hospitality in this beautiful city of Xiamen. I also welcome President Zuma and commit India’s full support for Johannesburg Summit next year.


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